The Alewives are Running!

Spent the day in Brooksville, Maine where the incredile Bagaduce River works its way 12 slow miles emptying into the Penobscot Bay near Castine. This day in May we were especially fortunate to view the diadromous Alewives making their way upstream to spawn. The river was alive and so full of life- You felt as if you could walk on the water atop the backs of the tens of thousands of fish working their way upstream in bits and spurts, resting, and then again fits and spurts, and then again. Amazing!

Recently I had begun some new paintings with Alwives and the rushing sping waters of Maine as the focal points and this was a treat to see this first hand. I think my new work captured the feeling I had imagined and this has all helped me complete the paintings for this summer’s exhibitions. I am always working in that space between the imagined and the experienced, but together magical things can happen- That is what I am always searching for in my work.

Water on my Mind

The world outside my studio is my inspiration, my source of joy- Sunlight bouncing off the mirrored surface of the Penobscot Bay always captures my gaze. Winter in Maine has a particular feel and look that is toally different than what we will see in a few months, maybe even tomorrow. I love the reflections of the sky and earth that transport my mind to other places, other times.

Studio Saturday - Birds and Lures

STUDIO SATURDAY- I am a morning maker. Green tea, coffee, and silence greet me every day. While in graduate school I found this out about myself and my process for making as I had to get out the door early to open a coffee shop in Baton Rouge or go teach morning print classes at LSU. Two or three hours in the early AM gave me time to unload, to paint, to create before the “other” hours of the day happened to me. Another two or three hours in later afternoon and then maybe into the evening if the heat and cocktails would allow.

Now I hit my pillow early and rise even earlier to embrace the most quiet part of my day. It works and beautiful things emerge from this practice.

The upstairs “winter” studio fills quickly with materials, coffee, and small works-  Sometimes large ones too.

The upstairs “winter” studio fills quickly with materials, coffee, and small works- Sometimes large ones too.